Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moments from the 18 Inch Journey

Hey there blog readers! As you may already know, we are currently hosting the 2014 18 Inch Journey here at A Place for the Heart. This year, we have 32 Journey students from 10 different countries, as well as our 12 Second Phase students from 5 different countries. The Journey is what we look forward to the most every year as a community, and everyday we are blown away by these amazing students. We are so delighted that the Father brought them here! These 60 days are packed with so many incredible moments and though we can’t write about them all, it is our desire to share some of them with you. For the duration of the Journey, we will be posting a weekly highlight; be it a revelation from a teaching, a fun-filled night of community playfulness or insight into one of our creative rhythms. We are so excited about what the Trinity is doing here and the way that the students are discovering the Love of God. It is our delight to invite you into some of these moments and keep you updated on this year’s 18 Inch Journey!

If you’d like additional information about the 18 Inch Journey, you can check us out at www.18inchjourney.com or follow us on Instagram @aplacefortheheart.

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